Contemporary Circus Commissioning Initiative (CCCI)

The Contemporary Circus Commissioning Initiative is a new, international collaborative effort by Assembly Festival, Chamäleon Productions, and TOHU founded to commission and present high-quality new works for the field of contemporary circus. This first-of-its-kind network offers contemporary circus artists and companies access to diverse funding structures and a sustainable production model. By providing performance opportunities and professional guidance, CCCI aims to facilitate the long-term success of companies in this dynamic but often under-resourced artistic discipline, and to contribute to the further professionalization of contemporary circus.
In August 2019, the CCCI completed its first call for submissions, through which an original new work in the field of contemporary circus is going to be selected, commissioned and presented internationally. Visionary contemporary circus artists and companies were invited to apply for this groundbreaking opportunity. Once selected and tested, the commissioned project will enjoy a guaranteed series of performance engagements with the CCCI partners.
The selected project will be announced soon.